Independence is one important characteristic I am sure we all hope to instill in our children. However I bet a belt, yes the contraption used to hold pants in place, never crossed your mind as a means to do so. Of course not just any ole’ belt will do but only the patented design Myself Belts has to offer. We have been proud product partners of Myself Belts for four years and honestly are a little jealous we did not come up with it ourselves – it is truly genius!

Myself Belts is a great product for children of all ages, especially those who are potty training or the ones who forget about it until it is an absolute emergency! With its patented locking technology, the belt snaps on to the first belt loop securing it into place. The belt ends are attached with Velcro allowing children to open and close the belt with the ease of one hand. With Myself Belts’ patented locking design and effortlessness opening/closing, your child will not need help adjusting the belt or get stuck taking the time to do so!

I bet you are thinking how this product can get any better, right? With a unique touch of our high quality personalization, of course! We offer a wide variety of Myself Belts colors including Navy, Khaki, Brown, Black and Pink. We also carry their leather collection of Black, Brown and Distressed Brown. With all of these Myself Belts to choose from along with our many thread color and font options, we know you will find a personalization that best suits the little one you have in mind.

With the Myself Belts genius design and our custom high-quality personalization, we know this is one purchase you will not regret. Save you and the little ones in your life the hassle that comes along with regular belts; get your personalized Myself Belts from us here at Makaboo!