You know your 7-year-old nephews must really love you when they're willing to wear shirts with their names on them even when they don't think monogrammed things are cool anymore. Now that's taking one for the team! Which is an especially appropriate analogy in this case since they'd be wearing Yankees jerseys if they had their way.

I don't get to see my adorable Rye, NY-based twin nephews Nate and Elliot very often. We try to find some time when I'm in NYC for trade shows, but the place where we always have QT together is over the summer in Charlevoix, Michigan, where my parents have a cottage. I've been going to Charlevoix since I was two, and it's so much fun to see my 5 Teasdale nieces and nephews cavorting on the same beach where my friends and I did 30 years ago.

This photo was from a big July 4th picnic, and Elliot was kind enough to say, when I told him I appreciated him providing some free Makaboo advertising, that his hoodie was very comfortable. What manners!

Nate and Elliot's mom Caroline reported that she was especially pleased with the hoodies, as no one had to ask which twin was which!




Nate and Elliot Celebrating July 4th