One of the most fun things about running Makaboo Personalized Gifts is that we are some of the first folks to spot trends in baby names. Here's what we're seeing so far for 2012:

Can I Buy A Vowel?
Alice, Emma, Ella, Olivia, Ethan, Elias, Eliot, Owen ... if it begins or ends with a vowel, it is hot right now. This trend started in 2010 but we're seeing it continue this year. Such great, classic names!

Boys' Names Are For Sissies! 
Jessica Simpson isn't the only new mom giving her little bundlette of joy a name traditionally considered a boys name. Parker, Emerson, Pearson, Hunter - we're sewing a lot of names that you'd think were for boys, but they're in hot pink or on a pair of our Kissy Kissy Fancy Pants! 

Old Names Are New Again
Some old classics are coming back in style: Pippa, Poppy, Esther and Hazel have all graced our sewing machines with more frequency, as have Oliver, Henry, Charlie and Jack. Just goes to show that, as with everything in life, names eventually come back in style - aren't you glad you didn't throw out those 80's neons?

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