OK, I stand absolutely corrected on Twitter; about 6 weeks ago I wrote a blog entry about what Twitter can really do for small companies like Makaboo.

Since then:

- I’ve met with @timhayden, a Saint Louis University professor about speaking to his entrepreneurship class this fall.
- I’ve been followed by fantastic mom bloggers like @creativemoms and @mommylovesit, who are excited to test out the Makaboo site and tout it if they like what they see.
- I’ve connected with phenomenal women business owners like @JeanetteMcLeod who have more great marketing ideas than I can squeeze into this blog of mine, much less dream up on my own.
- I’ve been followed by local and national media contacts, some of whom are already asking about when they can start covering the site.

My favorite connection so far is the ab fab @jackrabbitbags, who is not only the designer of some of the most gorgeous bags I’ve ever seen but has also been a bastion of great info on getting product into the hands of celebs, placing the right coverage at the right time, and having fun while building your biz. AND now I have a handbag in; could a girl ask for more?

Twitter: I thank you, I salute you, and I understand why I can’t live without you.

You can follow me @cindyteasdale (still working on the @makaboo squatter issue; I didn’t say Twitter was perfect).