I've always wanted to share a view from our Shop so everyone can see just how much care and hands on work goes into our adorable personalized baby gifts. Kind of an ode to all those Mr. Rogers Neighborhood How Things Are Made segments that never ceased to fascinate me growing up. There are many important steps in the journey of an Angel Dear Lovie between when it's chosen by a Makaboo customer and when it leaves the Makaboo shop for its happy new home.


Angel Dear Lovie Selection at Makaboo

Angel Dear Lovies Waiting For A Home

We carry 26 different Angel Dear Lovies, from the classic blue lamb to the feisty pink zebra. The newest additions to the family are the Angel Dear Monster Lovies!


Angel Dear Owl Lovie

Angel Dear Owl Lovie Saying "Pick me! Pick me!"

When we receive an order for a particular Lovie, we find that animal among the mix and pull one lucky Lovie off the shelf. Then we get to work!


Angel Dear Lovie being Personalized

Angel Dear Lovie Getting Hooped for Personalization

First, we hoop the Lovie in an embroidery hoop, placing a thin layer of water-soluble solvy on the top to help the embroidery stitches from getting lost in the sweet pile of the fabric, and placing a layer of paper backing on the bottom for sewing stability.


Angel Dear Lovie Embroidery

Angel Dear Lovie Getting Personalized

When the Lovie is perfectly hooped and ready to go, we place it on the embroidery machine - that's where the magic happens! We have created an embroidery file that matches what you designed on the site. Then we simply sew what you saw and approved on Makaboo! And as always, the price you see includes all personalization, whether you choose a single letter or a child's full name.


Personalized Angel Dear Lovie is hand-trimmed

Angel Dear Lovie Getting Trimmed

Once the Lovie is sewn, we pull the solvy off the front and trim the backing from the back-side, then trim any loose threads or imperfections. We spend quality time with each Lovie to make sure it is perfectly prepared for its new owner.


Angel Dear Lovie being gift packaged

Angel Dear Lovie Getting Packaged With Love

Our favorite part of the journey is when the Lovie is packaged up for its trip home. Every Lovie is placed in a clear gift bag with a satin ribbon and a personalized gift tag. Don't worry, they can breathe in there! As with all personalization, our prices include this adorable gift wrap. After all, this is a very special Lovie going to a very special Little One!


Angel Dear Lovie is gift packaged

Angel Dear Lovie Getting Boxed For the Journey Home

Once a Lovie is packaged, we nestle it into its little box, surrounded in tissue paper, where it will be safe and sound for the exciting trip to its new home.


Angel Dear Lovie sent in Makaboo Gift Box

An Angel Dear Lovie Is On Its Way Home!

Finally, we close and tape the Lovie into its gift box and label the package with its intended destination. We then hand off the package to our trusty and beloved USPS and UPS delivery friends, and the Lovie is on its way to a happy new home!

We love hearing from customers about the most exciting part of this journey - when the Lovie is united with its new owner! Email us at info@makaboo.com to tell us your Makaboo Lov(i)e story.

Just in case you're wondering, Angel Dear Lovies are just one of the Lovie styles we also carry: three styles of silky soft SwaddleDesigns Lovies and organic Apple Park Lovies!