A number of my close friends are preggers right now, and I've noticed that I have not been in the home of an expectant mother or couple and *not* seen the classic What To Expect When You're Expecting. It seems to be *the* go-to resource for parents-to-be. So I was super excited to be contacted by the author's associated web site, http://www.whattoexpect.com/ about offering some free copies of the latest edition to our Facebook fans and newsletter recipients!

The site has so much great information for every stage, from preconception to wrangling with toddlers. You can create customized pregnancy calendars and baby calendars, connect with other women in the same stage of the process that you are - they even have a free iPhone Pregnancy Tracker App! For busy women like me who are in front of a computer monitor 8-12 hours a day, it's a fantastic resource, and it makes the life-changing step seem a bit more manageable.

I'm excited to run some fun contests over the next couple of months for the books. Stay tuned!