If you are reading this then thank you for your interest in Makaboo!

This blog is about the making of Makaboo. Which is pronounced Make-A-Boo. I forgive you if you were pronouncing it wrong before. But that’s what that line over the A is for. Just so you know.

Anyway, Makaboo is about making things! Like baby blankets! Or boos, as some people call them. Get it?

In one sentence: Makaboo will allow you to create unique, personalized embroidered baby and children’s gifts in minutes.

We’ll feature Angel Dear, Kissy Kissy, and Swaddle Designs gifts, just to name a few. And we’ll let you see exactly what your gift will look like – embroidery and all – before you buy. Best of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If there’s anything you’re not happy with, we’ll give your money back AND give you 10% off your next purchase.

I’m Cindy Teasdale McGowan, the founder of Makaboo. I’ve decided to write about the ongoing adventure of making Makaboo because it has been such an amazing journey, and because I love sharing stories about it. Hopefully this blog will allow friends and family to keep track of what we’re up to, and will let customers know that they’re dealing with real people who truly want to provide them with a stellar experience buying personalized gifts.

So thank you again for reading, and stay tuned!