You like us! You REALLY like us!

We so weren't expecting this. We don't even have a speech prepared!

First of all, we have to thank the Academy - we mean the voters - who made Makaboo the Greatest Baby Gifts winner in the 2012 Cribsie Awards. We couldn't have done it without you!

We'd also like to thank our fellow nominees, among whom it's such an honor to even be compared. Barney's, you had some amazing gifts this year. Ralph Lauren Baby: your stuff always shines! And Red Envelope: our money was on you!

We'd also like to thank our designers, developers, embroiderers and packagers, who have worked tirelessly to make Makaboo what it is today.

And finally, we'd like to thank our families. Mom and dad: this one's for you!

Seriously though, we are so honored and humbled by the support of our fans and friends.

As a thank you, we've created coupon code CRIBSIEWIN for 15% off any orders over $80 through 4/30/2012. Enjoy and thank you thank you thank you!



Makaboo Personalized Gifts Cribsie Award