First we covered the latest in kids' decor and gifts: woodland creatures are in! Squirrels, raccoons (ahem), badgers, owls, mice ... all very hip in kids' gear. Our newest line of personalized 3 Sprouts gear - launching soon! - features the cutest storage caddies and wall organizers festooned with some hilariously adorable forest creatures, and of course you can also add our mouse and owl icons - as well as many others - to nearly all of our gifts at no additional cost.

3 Sprouts Storage Caddie

Coming Soon to Makaboo: Personalized 3 Sprouts Caddies

And preppy is always in for summer! Our Bella Bliss personalized swim trunks and monogrammed girls bikinis with matching sun hats are flying off the shelves.

Bella Bliss Toddler Swimwear         Bella Biss Baby Swimwear

It was my first appearance post-baby, and we are living in a loft downtown while some work's being done on the house (you know, because having a 10-week-old isn't enough change for us) so I had limited access to my wardrobe and decided that since they never, ever show feet on TV I was going to wear flip-flops. Little did I know that Show Me's adorable new host Julie Tristan is an Amazon! Hence the optical illusion that I am Elvish. I am 5'5! OK 5'4 and a quarter but when you add the flip flops I'm sure I break 5'5.

Next time I will be wearing the biggest heals I own. They are peep-toe Pradas that make me taller than everyone in my immediate family with the exception of my 6'3 husband. The first time my 83-year-old Aunt Suzie saw them she exclaimed "In my day we called those hooker shoes!" I love Aunt Suzie.