As we have only been open a year, I know most of our "big" customers - the folks who order often are usually friends, friends-of-friends, family, or known to us in some other way.

So I was so thrilled to receive the following email from one of our best customers who is a complete stranger. She found the site last April from a Google search for personalized hooded towels, and has made a very high number of purchases since that time. I have always been aware of her and made sure that her orders were perfect because I valued her as a customer, and we had exchanged minimal emails about shipping times etc. in the past but I hadn't really had a chance to say "thank you" yet. And then she beat me to it!

Here's her email:

Dear Makaboo Team,
Thank you!  Once again the gifts I sent through you have been received with such joy that I got a call from the children's parents to let me know how amazing the gifts are!   I really appreciate all the care that goes into the work that you do.  I have never even seen one of the items you create, but I know each time that you make and send them with great care and attention based on all the things I have heard from my friends and family members who have received these gifts.  I am going to buy something personalized for my own daughter for Christmas so that she will also have a special makaboo item all her own.
Take care,


Needless to say, Prudence made our day! Our week, really. It was a perfectly timed reminder of why we started Makaboo - to make it easier to make your loved ones feel loved by you!

As I was writing this I got another cute, short note from a customer and said to Nina our packager, "Most of our customers are really nice." And she said "I know! Because we're doing things that make them happy!"

We have the best jobs in the world.