We got the nicest email from a customer this morning and it made us smile so big we had to blog about it.

The back story: we spelled a name wrong on a blanket. It was our first embroidery error EVER - we've sewn more than a thousand items perfectly, and we've been so impressed with our embroidery team for their perfect track record. Until a few weeks ago, when we managed to drop the last letter off of a very beautiful baby girl's name! (And let me say I'm still extremely impressed with their 99.999% track record!)

When the proud mother got her gift in the mail she immediately contacted us, and we got a new and improved (i.e. spell-checked!) blanket out to her the same day.

Today we heard back from her. I'll let her kind words speak for themselves.

Thanks again for shipping us a new blanket.  It looks great. 
Just wanted to also say how impressed I am by your customer service.  It is really excellent!  You have a good thing going here, and I hope your business does really well because you are off to a great start.

Thanks again,


We thank YOU Patty! The most valuable thing we can have as a company is happy customers.

Happy Makabooing everyone!