We have just returned from a trade show whirlwind! First we headed to Orlando for our first ever Global Pet Expo! It was by far the biggest trade show we've ever been to. We had to use the map multiple times. The best part was how many cute animals were there! Fellow St. Louisans Purina had 12 puppies in their booth. How is one supposed to work with PUPPIES in the booth?!?

We are very excited to be venturing into personalized pet products. By the end of 2010 Makaboo will be your go-to site for darling personalized pet beds, blankets, sweaters, jackets, toys and more! We're in the process of narrowing things down, but we saw some truly adorable lines including Sherpa Bags, Up Country collars, and Jax and Bones beds and toys.

If your four-legged friends have their own favorites, let us know what they are!