How do you know what to give a one-year-old if you don't have kids yourself or spend much time around them? We're here to help! Here are our five favorite gifts for one-year-olds, along with why they're so awesome.

Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon

One-year-olds are obsessed with putting things in and taking things out (what things, and in and out of what thing, is less important!). They're also mastering walking, and pulling things behind them is a big feat. Our Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon are hand-crafted in the U.S. and feature letters of the alphabet, numerals, math symbols and animals, and are the perfect learning toy for children exploring both motor skills and literacy. 


Musical Instrument Set

Making noise is one of the most powerful ways that a one-year-old can express themselves. Let them explore their abilities and fine-tune their motor skills with our Musical Instrument Set, featuring a four-string guitar, tambourine, harmonica, trumpet and clapper. 


Viking Toys City Farm Set

Nothing is more interesting to a one-year-old than animals, and our Viking Toys City Farm Set is the perfect playset to explore their newfound fascination with all things Baa, Neigh and Oink. Featuring big, chunky parts that are safe for 12-month-olds and up, the plastic pieces are sized just right for little hands, and their smooth edges are safe for teething toddlers. Includes funtional doors, a ladder, a loft and a lifting hook, plus a tractor trailer, farmer, three animals, a trough and fence! Best of all: it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Silver Speedster Ride-On Toy

Vroom vroom! Beep!! The 12 months between a child's first and second birthdays are a truly wonderous time, especially as they learn to walk and ride on toys that allow them to explore their independence. Our classic Silver Speedster Ride-On Toy is a darling throw-back to days gone by and will inspire the envy of dad and grandpa, not to mention the neighborhood kids! Featuring high-quality metal construction and rubber tires with chrome accents, working steering column, race car graphics and little one's name.


Fischer-Price Chatter Phone

Call your mother! Start teaching them early with our classic Fischer-Price Chatter Phone, originally introduced in 1962. The toy's pull-cord allows little ones to make calls on the go (call it a mobile phone!), and the rotary dial promotes development of fine motor skills. Best of all, little ones will love noises the phone makes as they dial and complete calls.