For a long time I was heck-bent on offering only personalized gifts on Makaboo. After all, my original vision was to empower gift-givers to create one-of-a-kind gifts for the little people in their lives. But what if you don't know baby's name because he or she hasn't been born yet? Or what if you'd like to give a gift that you know mom and dad will love too? So, over the last few months, we've started adding a handful of gifts that don't need baby's name to make them just the thing. Put another way, these gifts are so perfect they don't need personalization!

Case in point: our Alexandra Ferguson Statement Pillows. I fell in LOVE with these (just like the pillow says), and with the fact that they are the perfect green baby gift or eco-chic new mom gift because they're made of 100% post-recycled plastic bottles! And they're made in the U.S.A., no less!

Their whimsy and style are the perfect addition to our baby decor line-up, so we're thrilled to unveil them to you. So, voila!


Bonne Nuit Pillow

Keep Calm Pillow - the Perfect New Mom Gift!



Don't Tell Dad Pillow

Mazel Tov Pillow

Je T'aime Pillow


Welcome Pillow - The Perfect New Baby Gift!

XOXO Pillow


Love Pillow - What a Lovely Gift!


I've already sent a "Here Comes Trouble" pillow to a girlfriend with two children who just found out she's having surprise twins, and a "welcome" pillow to a friend who just had her 4th child and didn't need any more baby gear.

Enjoy the pillows and let us know what statements you'd like to see!