Burp cloths certainly aren't something you think about unless you have a child under six months. But during those six months, you think about them a lot. You search the couch cushions for them, empty the diaper bag over them, pray to the baby gods that you remembered them on that 8 hour car ride to great Aunt Jane's.

So when you find the right one, you buy as many as you can!

We were given a number of Aden & Anais items when Walt was born, and I quickly became a convert to the entire line but especially to their burp cloths (or what they call Burpy Bibs). The cotton muslin is so snuggly and gets softer with every wash; the burps are ultra thick and absorbent but don't stain easily, and they come in darling styles that you feel comfortable leaving the house with (nevermind the hair you haven't washed in three days, as long as the baby looks cute). But my favorite part was how big they are - HUGE! They are literally so big that one cloth can last an entire day, cutting down on laundry and reducing the general waste insanity you can't help feeling with an itty bity baby in the house.

Personalized Aden & Anais Burp Cloths

Their bibs are just as durable and soft, so we've transitioned to those now that Walt's one.

Personalized Aden & Anais Bibs

And of course, their hooded towels are a favorite because of their huge size - it's like a mini spa stay for baby!

Personalized Aden & Anais Hooded Towels

Finally, I had to add Aden & Anais' Serenity Star, because the first time I saw it I said "wow I wish I'd known about that six months ago". It's everything you need help with when you can't see straight from new baby coma: a room thermometer that changes color (pink to blue) if the room's too hot or cold, a timer for feeding, a digital clock, AND a sound machine! Forget having 5 contraptions in baby's room and just get this one instead. Serenity now!

Aden & Anais Serenity Star

To to folks at Aden + Anais, we're so happy to welcome you to the family!