By our guest blogger: Cheree Berry

Your baby has just arrived and you want the world to know! Spread the news with charming and chic birth announcements that you can send – gasp – via snail mail. Yes, Mr. & Mrs. Facebook, paper announcements still exist.

Wondering how to choose a birth announcement design that's just as perfect as baby? You've come to the right place. First, determine your budget. Naturally, custom designs are going to be more expensive than collection designs. Most stationers have a menu of designs that you can buy "as is" but change the colors and fonts. This is a great option that doesn't break the piggy bank yet still allows for a special design.

However, if you decide you want a highly personalized custom birth announcement, send us photos of your nursery and let us be inspired!! From the theme of your nursery to the baby's bedding or wallpaper, we can design an announcement that coordinates with baby! See a few of our favorite birth announcement project photos included in this post.

Design inspiration can also come from the baby's name. For example, Baby Sol = a sun graphic; Baby Elle = elephant!

Lastly, you can do something truly conceptual if it fits with your personal circumstances. We had a client who traveled all over the world for work when she was pregnant. A "passport" baby announcement was fun and appropriate. We called out all the places baby had already been before birth!

Pre-planning your custom birth announcements prior to baby’s arrival is ideal and will allow you to immediately share the joyful news. Let's face it, when baby arrives you're sleep deprived - Let us do the work!

Custom birth announcement design by Cheree Berry
It doesn't get much prettier than this nursery. We were inspired by the periwinkle and bright orange color palette and the butterfly print on the wall. The oversized script name on the birth announcement mimicked the graphic nature of the wallpaper. As for the grapefruit print liner? The mom ate grapefruits every day during her pregnancy!

Creative envelope design for birth announcement
The "envelope within an envelope" birth announcement is like opening a mini package. The first envelope print was inspired by the curtains in the baby nursery. The remaining envelopes were made of solid bright colors that revealed the story of baby.

NYC Theme birth announcement
We were inspired by this baby's awesome nursery mural! Teddy, a NYC newborn, had a birth announcement that visually represented her hometown. The stork was carrying the stamp on the outer envelope and a little circular photo of Teddy was tied to the "y" in gold thread.

Cheree Berry is the CEO and Creative Director of Cheree Berry Paper, a graphic design company that specializes in creating beautiful, unforgettable stationery. Their bold yet whimsical and sophisticated custom designs are a must for your wedding invitations, baby announcements, or simply your personal stationery. Although the company’s focus is custom designs, CBP’s boxed collection is available at Look out for a new website to launch this fall: