There is no better time to be a child than Summer! Fun filled days with family and friends create a special feeling of childhood bliss that truly precious memories are made of.

If making the most of Summer is a priority, you'll love our Summer is Bliss Sale! We've selected our very best items for Summer, so you'll be ready come beach or boardwalk or even pool or playground. Now is the perfect time to create your very own specially embroidered Makaboo Summer apparel items for all the adorable babies and toddlers in your life!

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Bella Bliss Sun Hat at Makaboo
Bella Bliss Sun Hat
Was: $34.99 Now: $27.99

Bella Bliss Swim Trunks at Makaboo
Bella Bliss Swim Trunks
Was: $39.99 Now: $31.99

Bella Bliss Girls Bikini Makaboo
Bella Bliss Bikini
Was: 59.99 Now: $47.99

Bella Bliss Coverup (Robe) at Makaboo
Bella Bliss Coverup (Robe)
Was: 59.99 Now: $47.99

Bella Bliss Polo Onesie at Makaboo
Bella Bliss Polo Onesie
Was: $39.99 Now: $31.99

Bella Bliss Polo Tee at Makaboo
Bella Bliss Polo Tee
Was: $39.99 Now: $31.99