I have a big thing about using kids with no modeling experience in our photo shoots. This is primarily because I think the photos are more genuine and captivating when the kids are just being their silly, goofy selves. It's also because we are a start-up and I know plenty of cute kids who will "work" in exchange for an afternoon of swimming.

OK, some of them are also related to me. Actually in the last shoot we did, all but two were related to me. Yes, as of right now, every single child with the exception of one on www.makaboo.com is either a Teasdale or a McGowan. Shoestring budget people! And good genes - I have 23 to choose from, what can I say.

So it was a real pleasure to get some non-family smiles into the mix last week. Our unbelievable photographer Dawn Shields came in for two days and we assembled 12 kids in multiple locations, with every single product we carry. I am on pins and needles to see everything and get the new shots up, but here's a sneak peek!

Story on the 4th shot: Max and Kate (who is my niece) are in preschool together, and one might have a wee crush on the other. Can you guess which one? Hint: she takes after her aunt - and he *is* quite a looker! Right now Kate's interest seems to register the same reaction as Max's scary old Aunt Marge who pinches his cheeks too hard. He literally hid from her for most of the shoot, and she finally accused him of preferring her 6-year-old sister (which I can assure you from observation is not the case). It probably didn't help that in our effort to loosen Kate up we asked her who her favorite classmate was (Max), who the cutest boy in school was (Max), and whether she wanted to kiss him (yes). *She* is the one who brought up marriage.

Max, I promise, some day you're gonna thank me.



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