We spent 4 of 7 days last week shooting all of our products, both on their own AND with some hilarious and adorable kids. I have to say, I had an absolute ball. Also, it made me really tired.

The first shoot was last Saturday and Sunday, and was product-only. On day one we were able to sneak into one of the most gorgeous homes in St. Louis thanks to my great friend and interior design phenom Amie Corley, and boy did her home do our products justice! The shots are truly beautiful. One shot was of hooded towels hanging in the Corleys' master shower and I *swear* we will be getting emails asking how to order the shower, not the towels.

The second day we camped out at Bill's and my house, which was a sad substitution for the Corley household, but lucky for us, the shots are very tight so hopefully we can crop out the dust bunnies and Ritz Carleton liquidation furniture. I will be fascinated to see the difference in conversion rates between the shots taken at the Corley's home and the shots taken at ours.

Our photographer also does all the straight product images for the site (the images you see when you design your own gifts), and it was remarkable to see him work his magic outside of the studio. His assistantwas equally adept, and the addition of a gifted local stylist rounded out an all-star team that produced some unbelievable shots that are going to put the big guys' sites to shame. The entire weekend was a great reminder of why I started Makaboo, and in addition, was an even bigger reminder that I am SO grateful to be in the company of so many talented, smart people who have been able to listen to my meanderings and turn them into something beautiful. That beauty will be bouncing out of your monitors in just a few weeks!

In the meantime, he's a pre-post-production sneak peek.


Bella Bliss Toddler Swim Trunks

SwaddleDesigns Personalized Organic Burp Cloths

Kissy Kissy Personalized Baby Hat

SwaddleDesigns Personalized Fuzzy Lovie


Kissy Kissy Personalized Converter Gowns

Kissy Kissy Personalized Baby Bibs