We finallly found the perfect organic cotton baby toy that is sweet enough for Makaboo. It's our Apple Park Organic Lovies, and I can barely stand how adorable they are.

The Lovies are hand-made of 100% organic materials in my old home-town of San Francisco, and they have darling details. Like the Bear Lovie's silky paws! And the Monkey Lovie's curly tail! Each one has a little heart on it, for the big heart they are coming to fill. As far as organic baby gifts go, we're positive you won't find anything cuter, especially when they are embroidered with little one's very own name. What a fantastic baby gift!

Starting today, the Bear, Bunny, Monkey, Lamby and Ducky are looking for a loving home near you!

Look At His Little Paw!

Apple Park Organic Bear Lovie


Can You Say No To That Face?

Apple Park Organic Duck Lovie


He's Waving At You!

Apple Park Organic Monkey Lovie