A couple of hours ago we got a call from a frantic Mom. Our embroiderer Angi handled the call.

Mom (whispering): "Hi, do you carry Angel Dear?"

Angi: "Yes we do!"

Mom (whispering): "Do you carry the curved pillows?"

Angi: "Yes we do!"

Mom (whispering with great deal of anxiety): "Do you have the puppy pillow?"

Angi: "Yes we do!"

Mom (relieved whispering): "Oh thank god. We left my son's puppy in North Carolina this morning. He's had it since before he was one, and he's now two-and-a-half. We're on our way to Kansas and we're on highway 70, are you anywhere near the highway?"

Angi explains that we were only 5 minutes from the highway, gives our address and the mom puts it in their GPS.

Mom: "I don't know if I'm going to be able to pass the new one off; the old one is so beat up, it's very flat from all the use, and it had his name on it."

Angi: "Well I can put his name on it. What's his name, and do you know what font it was in?"

His name is Duke, and Mom actually knows the Font Name as well, which Angi finds hilarious.

Three hours later a maroon minivan pulls up to the shop and Mom sneaks in.

She says they told Duke that they had sent the puppy ahead to be cleaned in St. Louis (how clever!). She pays and then tip-toes back out with the brand-new puppy and slides open the van's side door. Angi can't see Duke's reaction, but Dad in the driver's seat claps and gives her a huge smile, followed by a thumbs up.

Then Mom slides the door closed, turns around to Angi with a smile and says "He said "Wow! He got so big at the cleaners!!"


Personalized Angel Dear Puppy Pillow Pal from Makaboo