We loved all of the great entries in our Funny Grandparent Nicknames Contest on Facebook last week! We got close to 60 entries in 3 days. Here were our 10 favorites, and congratulations to the winner Amy Cvetkovich!

Top 10 Funny Grandparent Nicknames


Amy Cvetkovich: To distinguish our grandparents from each other, as kids, we started calling them after the names of their pets. We had Grandma Stinky and Grandpa Brandy and another with a Siamese who we called Grandma Mai Ling...

Diane Certa Villhard: Papa Dogs (simply because he likes dogs) and Grandma Tootsie (because she hands out tootsie rolls)

Laura Murray: Gummo & frecks. Nini (pronounced knee knee) {which I might also add is the state bird of Hawaii and is a goose!} & who dat. And my husbands grandma was nanny boat.

Michael Small: ‎"Gingham" for Grandma. Our 18 month old Sadie randomly began referring to Grandma as "Gingham." Not sure why that's easier to say than "Grandma," but it stuck. Now our 4 year old Sabrina refers to Grandma as "Gingham" also.

Wendy-Lynn Perrone Christiansen:  Our grandson's faternal grandmother is Greek...so she is call Yia Yia...while visiting Nicholas for the 1st time our niece asked...since you (Maria) are a Yia Yia...does that make Micheal a Yo Yo...well it's stuck...Yia Yia and Yo Yo!

Katie Lazarus Bettini: We call my grandmother "Darling." When her oldest grandson was just a baby she would say, "well, hello darling" and he started calling her "Darling" in return. It stuck and many MANY grandchildren and great grandchildren later she is still our "Darling." ♥

Elise Hart Lapke: Muffer and Dude!

Elizabeth Bolen Stookey: My grandmother went by Gogi, the oldest grandson wanted a drink of her Coke and it came out "Gogi", so it stuck. Now my parents are called Gogi B and Tappy by the grandkids. Tappy comes from him constantly tapping on everything as he is a percussionist!

Laura Walsh Smith: My kids call my mom Sassy and my dad Grumps.

Emily Stein MacDonald: We aren't too exciting as far as names for my grandparents (Granny, Gramps, etc.), but my mom and dad coined their own names for Ella (and now for Lizzie's Henry) ... Big Mama and Itchie.