We are now carrying the illustrious pink giraffes from Angel Dear! Could they be any sweeter? We admit, we were late adopters on the giraffes - we kept saying "But giraffes aren't pink!" Well boy oh boy, little girls do not care, do they! Silly Makaboo thinking giraffes should only be brown! The girls are going wild for these personalized pink giraffe pillows, personalized pink giraffe napping blankets and personalized pink giraffe lovies.

If you're feeling sorry for the boys, don't: we're also carrying Angel Dear's green dinosaur lovie! He's a triceratops, I've been informed by one young customer who named his dino lovie Arthur.


Angel Dear Pink Giraffe Pillow Pal Personalized

Angel Dear Pink Giraffe Lovie Personalized


Angel Dear Pink Giraffe Napping Blanket Personalized


Angel Dear Green Dino Lovie Personalized