Well, it's been a long time. Bill and I, without even *thinking* about being on the market, have managed to find ourselves a gorgeous house in the Central West End, where I grew up in the heart of St. Louis, MO. We closed on July 21st, and just got our old house on the market this week.

We share an alley with my brother Doug and his amazing wife Jen and three hilarious girls (who grace this very page!), and have already met some wonderful neighbors. Within a 2-minute walk are a Starbucks, a Companion Bakery, a wonderful market, 3 sushi joints, 2 gelaterias, great Indian, Mediterranean, Brazilian, Thai, Vietnamese Mexican and pizza joints, and about 4 of my favorite high-end restaurants. We are in food heaven, which makes up for the box hell.

Makaboo has suffered, and so has this blog! I am ramping back up now and hope to have good news about the beta site launch in the next week or two.

Thanks to EVERYONE - especially Makaboo's neighbors around Washington Avenue who have been so patiently awaiting the site launch! We are accepting orders by email and phone now and I'd love to help any of you with the perfect, personalized baby gift.

Until then, it's back to unpacking. I need to remember my own motto: life is yours for the making - time for me to make this house AND this business boom!