We have been so busy for the last few weeks that I haven't had time to post the reason why!

Makaboo had the unbelievably good fortune of being featured on CNN on February 5th.

Watch Makaboo on CNN!

Seeing the Boo on national television was one of the highlights of my professional life (who am I kidding, my *whole* life). I got to watch it with my parents, who have both had some health problems in the last few weeks, so it was so nice to share such a big life moment for me with them.

We immediately saw orders spike, and a hilarious assortment of friends and acquaintances pinged me out of nowhere. And for this, I have to say: I LOVE FACEBOOK. What did we do without Facebook? (If you are not a friend yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Like Makaboo on Facebook. Two people said they saw it at the gym and almost fell off their bike/treadmill. An old college friend said a friend from Mexico had sent her the link and said she thought she'd like the company. I even had a landlord from a stint in Miami circa 2000 ping me to say congrats. I can't believe she even remembered my name! The story has been shared 125 times on Facebook, and we finally broke the 2,000 mark for Facebook fans. We also got a lot of fun requests for special orders, and  inquiries like would we like to open a franchise in Greece.

As for whether it impacted the business: we had our best day ever, our best week ever, and will hopefully have our best month ever. Perhaps most exciting, someone from Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet etc.) is getting us set up with their corporate gifting program for employees, on-air talent and other stakeholders. They placed a great big order last week, and with luck with have only scratched the surface!

A lot of people have asked how it all happened. Like all things in life, it was mostly luck! The gorgeous and talented CNN correspondent Stephanie Elam is married to a St. Louisan, and when they were in town over Thanksgiving they stopped by the shop with their darling baby girl Simone. We got to chatting and Stephanie became intrigued with how Makaboo came to be, the challenges we've overcome and our plans for the future. In January she called me out of the blue and said they'd be coming to town to do a piece on the Boo!

So, that's the whole story. It was so fun to have the CNN team in the shop, and we had a ball sharing our story with them - and the world!!