We've been busy completing some orders for friends and family while also getting the site up and running. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come; these are a few gifts we created over the weekend.

I think the Angel Dear Pillow Pals will be HUGE sellers. We had my nieces down to the shop for Mothers Day and they both chose their own Pillows (for Ava, a bunny; for Kate, a frog) as well as thread colors and fonts, and have been sleeping with them ever since!

On view here are also a Swaddle Designs Stroller Blanket, and two sets of Swaddle Designs Baby Burpies featuring two of our exclusive, Makaboo Original Icons.

Please excuse that the photos were taken around the at-the-time messy shop with my iPhone!

Angel Dear Puppy Pillow Pal

SwaddleDesigns Baby Blanket Personalized     SwaddleDesigns Baby Blanket Personalized

SwaddleDesigns Satin Trimed Baby Blanket Personalized