So, I'm a new mom. As of 44 days ago. Naturally, it's given me a new appreciation for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday this weekend!

Our fabulous new marketing director Susan Etter, who I've wanted to hire since starting this business and finally got the opportunity to snatch up, asked that I write a quick email for Mother's Day, and for some reason the wonderful Apple "Here's to the Crazy Ones" ad happened to be running through my head. I wrote an homage, if you will, and when Susan read it she rightly proposed that it would be best enjoyed with some photos.

We asked our family and friends to give us a few shots, and my amazingly talented friend Peter Engelsmann put the piece you'll find below together in a few hours. I'm really happy with it and I love that everyone in it has helped Makaboo Personalized Gifts to be what it is, in some way shape or form. Makaboo has many amazing moms!

We hope you enjoy and share, and of course, Happy Mothers Day from all the Moms of Makaboo.