How does this happen?

Well, we had a fantastic and crazed holiday season, which apparently kept me from blogging. I have so much to report but for now I'm going to keep it short and sweet:

Makaboo got all of its holiday orders out on time - by the skin of our teeth! Our lovely sewing and packaging elves worked night and day to stay ahead of the curve and we were even able to take off Christmas Eve.

Speaking of packaging elves, two of our talented part-time staff who are seniors in high school were accepted early to their top college choices: Washington University and Yale University! We are so proud of them and we're especially excited that one of them will be local next year.

I am now 30 weeks' pregnant and we are having a BOY. I am exiting the cute pregnant phase and entering the just plain very pregnant phase. There's a lot of loud, random exhaling and grunting when I get out of chairs.

Two of my husband's brothers and their spouses have announced that they are also expecting this year, though in both cases it will be their 4th child. This means that by fall, our little one, who we call Blueberry McTeasdale, will have 27 first cousins.

Here's to a fantasic 2012 filled with new adventures!