At the urging of some new friends in the world of social media in St. Louis, I went to my first Tweetup the other night. I was late, and by myself, and hungry and thirsty. I was also one of only two women, among a group of 12 or so.

Here's what I observed:

  • Everyone introduced themselves by pulling out their phones and making sure we were following each other on Twitter; I assured them that we were not
  • People treated my business card as though it were a floppy disc (though a very cute floppy disc, printed on great stock and featuring a monkey!)
  • I was the only person who didn't know anyone else there; others were already connected, whether in the tangible world or the virtual one
  • I believe I was the only business owner where that business was my only source of income (i.e. not a side job)

I mean this in the absolute kindest way, but it felt a bit like Twitter was the new Dungeons and Dragons. I became entangled in a lengthy debate about whether superheros without innate talents - Batman, Ironman - are more valiant than those with skillz - Spiderman... see I can't even come up with a second. Needless to say, I felt out of my element.

I have a number of really fascinating friends who are running their own businesses, working for huge and teeny technology companies, living all across the country and the world. And I have to say that *very few* of them are on Twitter. Like, fewer than 30. Facebook: yes. Twitter: not unless they've been asked to for work or they are a male under 35 at a super high-tech company.

So: tell me again why I should focus on Twitter? We get orders from Facebook all the time. My friends are on Facebook; my friends' friends are on Facebook. Moms who already love or will love Makaboo are on Facebook. Are the folks I'm trying to reach ever on Twitter but NOT on Facebook? I'm guessing no.

I did meet one very neat person, doing some very interesting things both online and in real life. He has - get this - 39,000 followers on Twitter!! I've tweeted with him a bit (and friended him on Facebook), but you know what I'd like to do most? Grab another drink with him.