It's true.

I was at LaGuardia, flying back from ENK, the biggest childrens' tradeshow of the season. It was a Monday, and I was sitting at the gate by myself, looking over my notes from meetings with Angel Dear, Kissy Kissy, Bella Bliss and Swaddle Designs, as well as some super fun new lines (blog to come!).

Then I heard it:

CNN's Stephanie Elam saying "What do you do if you can't find cute, personalized gifts for your friends having babies?"

It's a line I know well, because it's the first sentance of the story about Makaboo on CNN. (I admit it, I've watched the clip more than the healthy handful of times. I watch it if I feel badly about a super fattening meal, or if I get a parking ticket, or if my husband's being a pain, or if American Idol's kinda boring.)

There I was! On TV! I said "Holy crap!" but no one was close enough to hear me. Then I stood up to get a good shot of the TV on my iPhone. A few people noticed that I was taking photos of the television, which made them more interested in what was on the television, and in turn more confused about what was so compelling to the random woman in the next aisle. Not a single person made the connection. Finally, a woman turned and looked at me quizzically, and I blurted "that was me!"

Turns out she is the head of PR for Build-A-Bear. We're having lunch next month. The CEO, Maxine Clark, was also on the flight, as was the entire St. Louis Symphony. I thought about Facebooking how serious a tragedy it would be for the entire city of St. Louis if the plane went down with all of us on board; thankfully I realized I was riding the high of my airport appearance, and came to my senses before publishing the post.




Makaboo on CNN



Makaboo on CNN