Holy cow it is ridiculous how long it's been since I've blogged!

Let's see: what's happened at the Boo since July?

- I went to Northern Michigan with 12 other Teasdales ages three to seventy-six. I heard recently that sojourns with family are called "trips" and sojourns with just spouses or spouses and friends are called "vacations". I think this is fair.

- I went to New York twice; once for ENK's Kids Show, and once for the International Gift Fair. It's pretty incredible what qualifies as a gift these days. No one's ever given me a $50,000 chandelier.

- We had a fantastic August - our 2nd-best month ever, which is pretty remarkable for a non-holiday month!

There's never a good excuse for being quiet, but I can promise that I've been busy! We have a number of exciting projects and efforts underway - that I'm not allowed to talk about! It's sort of like asking a four-year-old not to eat the marshmallow in front of her. It's going to be hard, but I can do it!

Stay posted.