While my absolute favorite thing about being CEO of Makaboo Personalized Gifts is overseeing our product and lifestyle photo shoots, my absolute least favorite thing is when I have to be a subject myself. Video, still photography, even just an audio clip - no matter the media, it is all cringe-inducing to me.

This is the reason that you might notice that I'm wearing a white dress and pearls in many of the photos on our site and social media. Because they're my wedding photos. From six years ago. On my wedding day. When I was willing to smile for the camera for more than 8 seconds.

After being asked for a head shot 3 times in the last 2 weeks I finally called a dear photographer friend Heather Roth www.heatherrothphotography.com and asked her to help us with some actual, professional head shots. Then we borrowed the home of Amie Corley, a gifted interior design friend who has the most beautiful home in St. Louis IMHO. And we brought Walt along for good measure - because it's a lot easier to smile with a silly ten-month-old in the room.

So now I have some photos that don't make me cringe. Yay! Thanks so much Heather for making me look way more sophisticated and with-it than I really am. Is that a cheerio in my hair?

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