Whew! I can't believe I haven't blogged in over a month! I am a terrible person. But we've been busy!

Here's what's been happening, in chronological order:

- In October I developed a bizarre nerve disorder called CRPS as a result of breaking my hand and it has slowed down my healing and made me a bit of a Debbie Downer, I must admit. The only reason you would have heard of CRPS is because it's what Paula Abdul has. Which of course just makes me feel even weirder about it.

- We did a few Groupons and they have been so much fun! We've loved watching how different markets respond ... shout out to Charleston! Nothin' but love.

- The day before Thanksgiving my two-and-a-half-year-old niece (the same one who got lost at Disney World - twice) fell out of a second story window, 15 feet, on to concrete, and walked away from the hospital with a scratch on her elbow. I'm going to embroider a hoodie with her new nickname, Nine Lives Maren.

- On Thanksgiving Day we were featured in the Seattle Times' Holiday Shopping Guide.

- Tomorrow we will close out our best month ever.

- I am back to typing and driving like the old days. Writing is not stellar (it wasn't very pretty *before* the break), and some bottles have me asking strangers for help. I'd say I'm 70% back to normal. Next stop: yoga!

- Friday Makaboo will turn one. I am such a proud parent! We're going to have a big party. I'm making cookie cutters in the shapes of our favorite icons and we'll have Pin the Tail on the Monkey.

- All in all, I am feeling a little like Wendy - I can type! I can type! I can type! Flying is certainly not out of the question.