It's not often that a man will cross the Makaboo threshold without a woman or child dragging him by the hand.

So Angi the embroiderer and I were puzzled when a young man waltzed right in tonight and headed straight for the lovies section. I asked if I could help him and he said "I want the thing Joyce got."

Joyce is a wonderful woman who works at Beverly's Hill, a boutique around the corner from us, who has helped us stay in business by frequenting Makaboo for her grandbaby gifts. Just yesterday I had dropped off an Angel Dear Puppy Lovie for "Prince Michael", which she must have shared around the shop. It turns out that Anthony, the young man, has a nine-month-old boy and knew in an instant that he needed a puppy too.

But then he saw the monkey.

Little Sean will be getting his monkey early next week.