5/15/2012 Update: Thanks to all who participated in our Ultimate Mother's Day Sweepstakes featuring Simplisse!  We've selected all our winners:

Grand Prize - Kari Burmaster!!!

First Prizes - Alisha Hernandez, Megan Devers, & Victoria Baecker.

Second Prizes - Emilee Slater, Mitchell Jenkins, Andrea Walter, Lori Champion, Rachel O Clark, Sarah Doran, Rebekah Yellis, Krista Pisciotto, Karen Norman, Elizabeth Berry, Kimberly Sabus, Maggie Keuth, Kate Baker, Shannon Lebedev, Suzanne Brown, Barry Steinberg, Tera D. Kaiser, Jessica Gaffney, Cindy Bazzel, Christina Lomasney.


I am so excited to announce Makaboo's Ultimate Mother's Day Sweepstakes, featuring some fantastic products for new moms from Simplisse, another great baby/kids company based here in our hometown of St. Louis. It's our biggest giveaway ever and includes a Simplisse Breast Pump, a full Accessories Kit, a Gia Breastfeeding Pillow and Cover, and a $250 Makaboo Gift Certificate - a grand prize package is valued at close to $600!

As a seasoned mother (it's been almost five weeks) I can speak from experience when I say that Simplisse's breast pump and Gia Pillow are second to none. I had the good fortune of getting both a Simplisse and a pump from the old-standard pump manufacturer, and the Simplisse pump is so much more gentle. If you had trouble pumping in the past or are worried about the pain of pumping with a little one on the way, then the Simplisse will be your new best friend. I intentionally didn't say your new breast friend, because there's actually a product by that name. And it competes with the next awesome Simplisse product in our Sweepstakes, the Gia Pillow! Again, I was given both a Gia and the other brand that is ubiquitous in the breast feeding pillow space, and mama mia I love my Gia! It is so much more comfortable, has a much better angle for Walt and for me ... if I position him just so I can actually have BOTH hands free in which to massage his little head or write this blog entry, for example.

I love that Simplisse is an upstart taking on the big guns in a hyper-competitive industry - we're kindred spirits in that way! And I also love supporting another local company. The fact that their products are so great is all the more reason that I'm so happy we get to partner with them to offer our fans such a cool contest!

And of course, what would a Makaboo contest be without some Makaboos! The grand-prize winner as well as 3 first-prize winners and 20 second-prize winners will all win Makaboo gift certificates to make the most adorable personalized baby gifts the web - and world - has to offer. So happy Sweepstakesing and be sure to tell all of your friends to enter too!