I've realized that I trust sites more inherently when their address bar is green. My bank's site (Bank of America) has it; PayPal has it; Gilt Groupe has it; Neiman's does not, but of course I shop there anyway (and yes, I had to do some thorough "research" to gather this data - can't wait for that Tracy Reece halter to get here!).

Turns out that simple green shading is called an EV SSL - short for an extended validation secure socket layer. Since it makes such an impact on me when I shop online, I figured it does for others too, and decided we should implement it on Makaboo.

Now, this is the first time I've secured any kind of SSL myself, so I can't vouge for how much of a pain it normally is. What I can tell you is that securing my EV SSL has required about 6 hours of my time; 2 of my attorney's, at least 3 of my developer's, a silly number of emails and phone calls, and about eight hundred green backs. When they say "extended validation", they mean it! I think the regular SSLs should be called TSCBTA, for This Site Could Belong to Anyone.

As of today we were finally approved; it remains to be seen whether it was worth the time and effort, but at least *I'll* feel warmer and fuzzier when shopping at Makaboo.