By our guest blogger: Erin Meckfessel

If you live or ever have lived in St. Louis, you know that many of your friends may swear by the philosophy, “if it doesn’t move, monogram it!” As an IBPA certified baby planner and owner of Pickles & Ice Cream Baby Planning, I believe that one of the best ways to make this motto come to life is to personalize your baby’s coming-home outfit! When packing their hospital bags, moms can’t help but imagine that special day when they finally get to take their little one home for the very first time. It’s that very first outfit that you choose for your baby that will be something you come to always cherish! It’s the outfit that you will pull out of the bottom drawer or attic one day and look at in disbelief that your little baby once fit into such a tiny newborn outfit. So make sure this coming-home outfit is special – you don’t want to be stuck looking at something and thinking “I put my child in that!?!” Make it cute with some personalization, and when baby gets too big you can frame it for some precious nursery décor.

Personalized Baby Gifts, baby hat and converter gown

After months of waiting (seven-and-a-half, to be exact), my sister-in-law announced my baby nephew’s name via text message with a picture of him wearing a monogrammed beanie that read “Felix Calhoun.” While this is one way to do it, I have also seen a client announce her new arrival on Facebook with a sweet picture of her little girl in an adorable onesie reading, “It’s a Girl!” If you aren’t sold on a name before your baby arrives you can always personalize with a last name on the outfit, too. Then the item can double as a family keepsake that gets passed down to siblings as well – how cute! Personalization is also a must for twins! Not only are look-alikes sporting their names on their clothes helpful to parents (it’s ok to admit it mom and dad – differentiating can be tough!), but it’s also great for your friends with whom you share photos of your newborns via text, email, and Facebook. Call it cute distinguishability!

Makaboo Personalized Gifts is the ideal online boutique to get your baby’s monogramed coming-home outfit. Makaboo has compiled the best selection of onesies, converter gowns, hats and blankets that are oh-so-perfect for personalization! The best part about Makaboo is that you get to make the process extra personal by choosing your own icons, fonts, and thread colors on their website and see what it will look like before you purchase. Overall, it’s simply a fun way to show off your bundle of joy’s new name that you’re so proud of! When bringing home baby, why not put them in a personalized newborn outfit that is not only cute, but will become a keepsake that will be warmly regarded for many years.

Personalized Baby Gifts, peter-pan collard onesie

Erin Meckfessel is an IBPA Certified baby planner and the owner of Pickles & Ice Cream Baby Planning – a company offering baby planning services in the St. Louis Metro and surrounding area. Pickles & Ice Cream’s services are designed to help take away some of the stress and confusion of preparing for the arrival of a baby. That way, expecting parents can relax and focus on enjoying one of the most remarkable and life-changing experiences of their lives. Erin is also an FSI Certified Child Sleep Consultant. Visit her website at, on or follow her on Twitter @PicklesSTL.