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Sneak Peek

February 18, 2013 13:51

It’s been extra busy lately here at Makaboo HQ. We’re sending record numbers of boos out the door, and it seems like every day brings more and more boxes through our door—the result of all the new products that our founder, Cindy, found at market this year. From pillows to plush toys, totes to time-out mats, we’ve got a ton of super-cute new items coming soon. It’s getting cramped in the shop with all this stuff, but it’s sooo exciting to open all these new packages!

A couple of weeks ago, we put our embroidery department through its paces with a long list of new items to sew, all in preparation for photographing them for our site. The new items will be launching soon, but in the meantime, these outtakes from our photo shoot will give you a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Picture frames and pillows and plush toys, oh my!

We'll admit that it was really tough not to eat the props for our new birthday candleholders ...

... but we distracted ourselves with some new reading material.


And there's much, much more! Check back here for updates on new product launches in the coming weeks!

Names of the Week

February 15, 2013 15:33

Every day, we’re lucky enough to help welcome lots of new babies to the world or help little ones celebrate birthdays by personalizing a Makaboo gift. That means we have a front-row seat for the most popular names at any given moment, and we’re sharing them with you!

We’re introducing a new weekly feature here on the Makaboo blog: Names of the Week. Check back here every Friday afternoon to find out which names we’ve sewn the most of each week, then compare them to our predictions for the most popular names of 2013. Did we get it right?

This week, the names we’ve sewn the most are:




What names do you hear the most often?

Lights, Camera … Spotlight on The Boo!

February 13, 2013 13:43

We were thrilled to get a call last month from producers at All About Business, a local TV program that spotlights St. Louis-area companies. Would we be willing to be interviewed for the show? Ummm, yeah!!

So on a freezing January afternoon, producers and a camera crew filled the shop with lights, wires, cameras and microphones to capture The Boo in action. Makaboo’s chief baby officer Walt, founder Cindy Teasdale McGowan, embroidery manager Angi Templeman and intern extraordinaire Christina Ruggieri all look great on camera, don’t you think? Check ‘em out in the clip below.

Thanks for featuring our story, All About Business!




Us Weekly Recommends Makaboo for Personalized Baby Gifts!

January 31, 2013 15:05

Eeek eeek eeek!!! We are so thrilled to be featured in this week's issue of Us Weekly! We admit it, we covet my celeb gossip and there's no place we turn to more frequently than Us Weekly, so we're pleased as punch! Don't you want to make your nursery and playroom storage more fashionable too? There's no better way than with our 3 Sprouts Wall Organizer - yippee!!


Makaboo's Personalized Wall Organizer in February 11, 2013 issue of Us Weekly



Leave a comment by Sunday night at midnight CST with the name you'd put on a 3 Sprouts Personalized Wall Organizer and you could win one!


Makaboo is a Rising Star!

January 21, 2013 11:42

In December we were thrilled to learn that we had been nominated for a Fashion Group International St. Louis Rising Star Award. This was their innaugural year presenting the awards, and we were listed among some very heavy hitters in the St. Louis design and retail community including K. Hall Designs and Lori Coulter Made-to-Order Swimwear! Quite fashionable companies, indeed.

On the big night I was lucky to attend with fellow nominee Amie Corley, up in the interior design category (Amie's gorgeous work can be seen all over Makaboo, as the vast majority of the homes we've shot in are Amie-designed!). It was a beautiful event and much bigger and swankier than I had anticipated - which made me a wee bit nervous! This was compounded when the 300 or so attendees were shuffled into the presentation room and I discovered that not only was each nominee covered in a minute long presentation with HUGE slides, but then nominees were asked to stand and the winner was announced and expected to come on stage and - GASP - speak!! Eeeeeek!!!

It was sort of like the local, fashion version of the Oscars. Except that since it was the first year, no one had ever watched these Oscars, and no one knew what to expect. Nominees included!!

Thank GOODNESS my category was fifth out of six, so I had a bit of time to contemplate what the heck I would say if Makaboo's name was called. I'm actually much better at extemporaneuos assignments than I am at planned ones (just ask my high-school English teachers), so I was pretty sure I could roll with the punches.

Finally, the e-Commerce/Social Media category was up, and if you can believe it, Makaboo won! It was so cool! Our own little Oscar moment! I did not trip while making my way on-stage, and I was able to make a bit of sense in my speech. I did, however, forget to thank my husband. I thought about taking a page from Ben Affleck and asking the final winner, Lori Coulter, to thank him for me, but the timing wasn't right.

We got a neat statuette and everything, but most importantly, we got to spend an evening celebrating all of the incredible things going on in the fashion and retail community here in St. Louis. I was so floored by the show FGI St. Louis put on, and by the support ALIVE Magazine and St. Louis Magazine brought to the event.

So, let me say brava to the talented people who put on this year's event, and I can't wait to come and toast the nominees next year! And finally, of course, thank you to the Academy - I mean FGI's executive members - for choosing Makaboo as this year's winner in the eCommerce and Social Media category! We are so, so honored. Oh and to my husband! Who can be seen on the far left of the image below. He is so nice to come along for the ride. I love you Billy!

Stylist Jan Leach Givens, the Collective's Nicole Benoist,

Makaboo's Cindy Teasdale McGowan, and ALIVE Magazine's Jennifer Dulin Wiley

Coverage of FGI St. Louis' Innaugural Rising Star Awards

Alive Magazine

St. Louis Magazine

St. Louis Post-Dispatch





Modern Potty Training: A Crowning Achievement

January 12, 2013 08:29

by our guest blogger: Eleanor Bergquist

It seems like the most daunting thing in the world to take your baby and turn them into a potty going person. But what a joy it would be to get out of the hassle, expense, eco- guilt and stinkiness of diapers! Most parents are probably ready at 18 months (if not 12!) but most babies are not ready until 2+. We potty trained our oldest son at 2.5. Not because we were ready but because he was. We waited and it went smoothly. But we think it was also because we went a bit of a different way....

We put a crown on it. One thing we have learned in our short sleep deprived experience as parents is: try not to get into something that will be difficult to get out of. This maxim made us wary of using M&Ms or any other food reward for potty training. Visions persisted, right or wrong, of a child who would hold out on going potty until an M&M was in their line of sight. What if we ran out? What if *cough* someone else ate them? Something tangible, that he could be proud of seemed like a better way to go. How about a "Tinkle King" Crown with his name on it? (<- Also excellent fodder for that rehearsal dinner speech in 20+ years). In addition to the reward of getting to flush the potty himself and wash his hands, we would place the Tinkle King crown on his head and roundly make a Royal Potty Pronouncement that he was the best Pottier in All the Land. Is there anything that your child wants more than your pride and attention? No, there is not. At least not now anyway.

If it is contained; it is controlled and if it is under control; it is happy! That is our theory. We try to build the maximum amount of fun into our children's day but we have realized that no one is happy if they are out of control. The Tinkle King (or Queen as we will attempt soon with our little girl) Crown helped us control and win the potty training war with nary a battle. Good luck, Tinkle Kings and Queens!

Personalized Pink Crown

Personalized Blue Crown

Eleanor Bergquist, along with husband Leif Bergquist, both work outside the home but their biggest feat to date was having three children in 16 months. Hawk is 3.5 and twins Millie and Beau just turned 2. <- Let the Reign of tinkling begin anew!

It's Just an Honor to be Nominated!

January 11, 2013 09:35
We're so flattered to be a part of Fashion Group International's Inaugural Rising Star Awards here in St. Louis! is in the e-commerce/social media category - so exciting! Plus our very good friends Lori Coulter Made-to-Order Swimwear and Amie Corley Interiors are up for awards too! Makaboo Personalized Gifts is among such great company - hope to see you local folks there!

I Hate Having My Photo Taken

January 10, 2013 12:58

While my absolute favorite thing about being CEO of Makaboo Personalized Gifts is overseeing our product and lifestyle photo shoots, my absolute least favorite thing is when I have to be a subject myself. Video, still photography, even just an audio clip - no matter the media, it is all cringe-inducing to me.

This is the reason that you might notice that I'm wearing a white dress and pearls in many of the photos on our site and social media. Because they're my wedding photos. From six years ago. On my wedding day. When I was willing to smile for the camera for more than 8 seconds.

After being asked for a head shot 3 times in the last 2 weeks I finally called a dear photographer friend Heather Roth and asked her to help us with some actual, professional head shots. Then we borrowed the home of Amie Corley, a gifted interior design friend who has the most beautiful home in St. Louis IMHO. And we brought Walt along for good measure - because it's a lot easier to smile with a silly ten-month-old in the room.

So now I have some photos that don't make me cringe. Yay! Thanks so much Heather for making me look way more sophisticated and with-it than I really am. Is that a cheerio in my hair?

Makaboo Founder Cindy Teasdale McGowanMakaboo Founder Cindy Teasdale McGowanChief Baby Officer WaltWalt & CindyCindy & Walt

Move Over, Angelina: Introducing Mak-a-moo(vie) - Starring You!

January 9, 2013 11:48

In the last two weeks dear friends in London, San Francisco, Indianapolis and Manhattan all welcomed a new son or daughter into the world. While I'd love to jet off to meet each of these little people in person, I was able to do the next best thing with our brand-new Mak-a-moo(vie) Video Greetings feature (get it? Moovie? With the cow?)

Mak-a-moo(vie) Video Greetings

Now when you're sending a personalized baby gift or awesome kids' gift from, you can add a Video Greeting to the gift and we'll send the video on to your friend! You can even choose when we'll send the video: as a teaser in advance of the item, or on a specific day like the date of a baby shower or birthday party. Then they can even choose to send a thank you video back! Which means if you're lucky, you'll get to see and hear that little one cooing over your Makaboo!

We made a little video to explain Mak-a-moo(vie) in more detail. We can't wait for you to try it and let us know what you think! Try it for Free (with purchase) during our BETA launch throughout's only a $1.99 after that.

The Best Baby Gifts: Apple Park Organic Lovie

January 3, 2013 13:57

Whenever we personalize an oh so adorable Apple Park Organic Baby Gift we just know that it will be met with oohs and ahhs from everyone.

Apple Park's Organic Lovies are no exception! Their hand-sewn silky paws and smiling faces make it impossible not to smile and their soft 100% organic cotton bodies simply demand that you reach out and feel their softness. Because this lovie's filling is naturally hypoallergenic, allergy sensitive babies will have a snugly lovie they won't need to sneeze at.

Today we personalized a set of the blue elephant lovies as a baby gift for special little ones Eli and Ollie. We can just imagine them as itty bitty twins snuggling with twin lovies made unique with their very own adorable names.

Apple Park Organic Blue Elephant Lovies

Life is short. Give great gifts.

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