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New Product Alert: Angel Dear Pink Giraffes And Dinosaur Lovies!

March 31, 2010 14:16

We are now carrying the illustrious pink giraffes from Angel Dear! Could they be any sweeter? We admit, we were late adopters on the giraffes - we kept saying "But giraffes aren't pink!" Well boy oh boy, little girls do not care, do they! Silly Makaboo thinking giraffes should only be brown! The girls are going wild for these personalized pink giraffe pillows, personalized pink giraffe napping blankets and personalized pink giraffe lovies.

If you're feeling sorry for the boys, don't: we're also carrying Angel Dear's green dinosaur lovie! He's a triceratops, I've been informed by one young customer who named his dino lovie Arthur.


Angel Dear Pink Giraffe Pillow Pal Personalized

Angel Dear Pink Giraffe Lovie Personalized


Angel Dear Pink Giraffe Napping Blanket Personalized


Angel Dear Green Dino Lovie Personalized

New Gift Alert: Swaddle Designs Personalized Organic Blankets

March 28, 2010 14:06

Makaboo now has gorgeous Swaddle Designs Ultimate Organic Receiving Blankets in Ivory with beautiful trim. Made of the softest organic cotton with GOTS certification, these 42x42 personalized organic blankets are a favorite among celebrities and new parents, and are a perfect sun shield or mat during tummy time. Pair it with our darling personalized Swaddle Designs Organic Burp Cloths for a darling gift set for discerning parents with the greenest of intentions.

SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Organic Receiving Blanket Sweet Stitches

Trade Shows Galore

March 27, 2010 13:51

We have just returned from a trade show whirlwind! First we headed to Orlando for our first ever Global Pet Expo! It was by far the biggest trade show we've ever been to. We had to use the map multiple times. The best part was how many cute animals were there! Fellow St. Louisans Purina had 12 puppies in their booth. How is one supposed to work with PUPPIES in the booth?!?

We are very excited to be venturing into personalized pet products. By the end of 2010 Makaboo will be your go-to site for darling personalized pet beds, blankets, sweaters, jackets, toys and more! We're in the process of narrowing things down, but we saw some truly adorable lines including Sherpa Bags, Up Country collars, and Jax and Bones beds and toys.

If your four-legged friends have their own favorites, let us know what they are!

Thanks to Sauce Magazine For Featuring Makaboo!

March 17, 2010 13:45

We love our local shout outs! Many thanks to Sauce Magazine for including Makaboo in its Daily Sauce scoop! Here's what they said:

Wanted: Favorites

Adorable newborns and toddlers currently accepting applications for favorite aunt, grandma and godmother positions. Must be doting, fun and available to babysit at a moment’s notice. Positions will work closely with the client on play time and adult-baby communications. Regular gifting to ensure client’s happiness is required; familiarity with St. Louis-based Makaboo Gifts’ personalized hoodies, hats, pillows, blankets and other adorable things a must! We provide competitive cuddles and an excellent giggles package. Pet name to be rewarded based on performance.

Sauce pick: Plying the little ones with gifts
Where to get it: Makaboo Personalized Gifts


Read the article for yourself here.

Makaboo's Got 500 Fans!

March 9, 2010 14:03

Makaboo now has more than 500 Facebook Fans! Why aren't you a fan yet?

Makaboo's First Private Shopping Event

March 5, 2010 14:50

Last night we hosted our first Private Shopping Event at Makaboo in St. Louis! The fabulous Allison Flynn Engelsmann invited 10 of her cutest mom friends for a Makaboo extravaganza. I can't wait to see the 12 - yes 12!! - little St. Louisans sporting their personalized Angel Dear hoodies this spring. Thanks so much to all the lovely ladies who came out. You can see photos of the event on our Facebook Fan Page.

If you'd like to host a Private Shopping Event at our St. Louis location, call us at 314-496-9775. Everyone who attends gets 20% off purchases made during the event.

We're Sending a Check to the American Red Cross!

February 28, 2010 14:37

We want to thank everyone who placed a Makaboo order during the month of February. Tomorrow we'll be writing a very nice check to the American Red Cross Emergency Response Fund for Haiti. It's hard in times like these, when we're sending baby gifts off to so many born healthy and safely in the United States, to remember that our help is needed so close to home. We plan to repeat efforts like this in the future, and we hope that our customers feel good that a portion of their purchase will go to providing relief to those who need it most.

According to St. Louis Magazine: "The Easiest Baby Shopping. EVER!"

February 16, 2010 20:07

Lovin' the latest Makaboo shout out!

The folks at St. Louis Magazine and St. Louis At Home gave some great props in their blog today, check it out!


Make a Gift and Make a Difference

February 8, 2010 18:09

Makaboo is so excited to announce that during the month of February 10% of all order totals will go to the American Red Cross Emergency Response Fund for Haiti. Now you can make a gift and make a difference!


Makaboo Makes News - Stroller Traffic

February 8, 2010 18:05

A belated thanks to the fab ladies at Stroller Traffic for giving Makaboo a shout out! We heart their site and their killer insider info on all things baby.

Check it out - and if you're not a fan of theirs on Facebook yet, become one so you always have the latest and greatest scoop!

Stroller Traffic

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