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Personalized Myself Belts Seen on Shark Tank

November 3, 2014 08:42

Independence is one important characteristic I am sure we all hope to instill in our children. However I bet a belt, yes the contraption used to hold pants in place, never crossed your mind as a means to do so. Of course not just any ole’ belt will do but only the patented design Myself Belts has to offer. We have been proud product partners of Myself Belts for four years and honestly are a little jealous we did not come up with it ourselves – it is truly genius!

Myself Belts is a great product for children of all ages, especially those who are potty training or the ones who forget about it until it is an absolute emergency! With its patented locking technology, the belt snaps on to the first belt loop securing it into place. The belt ends are attached with Velcro allowing children to open and close the belt with the ease of one hand. With Myself Belts’ patented locking design and effortlessness opening/closing, your child will not need help adjusting the belt or get stuck taking the time to do so!

I bet you are thinking how this product can get any better, right? With a unique touch of our high quality personalization, of course! We offer a wide variety of Myself Belts colors including Navy, Khaki, Brown, Black and Pink. We also carry their leather collection of Black, Brown and Distressed Brown. With all of these Myself Belts to choose from along with our many thread color and font options, we know you will find a personalization that best suits the little one you have in mind.

With the Myself Belts genius design and our custom high-quality personalization, we know this is one purchase you will not regret. Save you and the little ones in your life the hassle that comes along with regular belts; get your personalized Myself Belts from us here at Makaboo!

Top Five Gifts for a One-Year-Old Birthday

February 4, 2014 13:25

How do you know what to give a one-year-old if you don't have kids yourself or spend much time around them? We're here to help! Here are our five favorite gifts for one-year-olds, along with why they're so awesome.

Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon

One-year-olds are obsessed with putting things in and taking things out (what things, and in and out of what thing, is less important!). They're also mastering walking, and pulling things behind them is a big feat. Our Classic ABC Blocks with Pull Wagon are hand-crafted in the U.S. and feature letters of the alphabet, numerals, math symbols and animals, and are the perfect learning toy for children exploring both motor skills and literacy. 


Musical Instrument Set

Making noise is one of the most powerful ways that a one-year-old can express themselves. Let them explore their abilities and fine-tune their motor skills with our Musical Instrument Set, featuring a four-string guitar, tambourine, harmonica, trumpet and clapper. 


Viking Toys City Farm Set

Nothing is more interesting to a one-year-old than animals, and our Viking Toys City Farm Set is the perfect playset to explore their newfound fascination with all things Baa, Neigh and Oink. Featuring big, chunky parts that are safe for 12-month-olds and up, the plastic pieces are sized just right for little hands, and their smooth edges are safe for teething toddlers. Includes funtional doors, a ladder, a loft and a lifting hook, plus a tractor trailer, farmer, three animals, a trough and fence! Best of all: it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Silver Speedster Ride-On Toy

Vroom vroom! Beep!! The 12 months between a child's first and second birthdays are a truly wonderous time, especially as they learn to walk and ride on toys that allow them to explore their independence. Our classic Silver Speedster Ride-On Toy is a darling throw-back to days gone by and will inspire the envy of dad and grandpa, not to mention the neighborhood kids! Featuring high-quality metal construction and rubber tires with chrome accents, working steering column, race car graphics and little one's name.


Fischer-Price Chatter Phone

Call your mother! Start teaching them early with our classic Fischer-Price Chatter Phone, originally introduced in 1962. The toy's pull-cord allows little ones to make calls on the go (call it a mobile phone!), and the rotary dial promotes development of fine motor skills. Best of all, little ones will love noises the phone makes as they dial and complete calls. 


Making the Most of the First Birthday Photo

February 4, 2014 10:01

As the parent of an almost two-year-old, I continue to be amazed at how quickly Walt is growing up, and how important it is to capture the big milestones when they happen. That's why we've added even more photo-opp friendly first birthday gifts that will delight the birthday boy or girl and help you make some frame-worthy memories to boot!

Here are some of my new favorite gifts and props for the first birthday photo:

Personalized Kids Birthday Hat

At only $18, there's no better way to make the most of your child's birthday photos than with our Personalized Kids Birthday Hat. And the best part is it can be worn year after year!


Seersucker Kids Birthday Hats

Also at only $18, our Seersucker Kids Birthday Hats come without personalization so can be shared with siblings and friends! Choose from adorable blue or pink styles. 


Children's Birthday Sweater

Who's the star! Add your child's current age to this darling hand-knit Birthday Sweater for an outfit perfect for the biggest of birthdays! I also love this sweater for school pictures, especially because 30 years later it will be easy to tell what years photos were taken!


Birthday Candle Holder Set

We love giving this beautiful Birthday Candle Holder Set that includes 10 digits to commemorate each birthday in your home! Will delight everyone from the one-year-old to the ninety-eight year old! Note: please purchase two sets in order to celebrate years with same digits - 11, 22 etc.


First Birthday Bloomers

She only turns one once! Commemorate the occasion with these darling First Birthday Bloomers


First Birthday Girl Bib

You'll only have a few moments to catch her enjoying her first birthday cake - make the most of it with our First Birthday Girl Bib! And she can continue to wear it throughout her first year - it's an adorable way to keep the mess to a minimum.

Most Popular Baby Names of 2013 - The Votes Are In!

January 26, 2014 13:29

We've tallied our most sewn names of 2013 and are excited to share the results with you! We always love thinking about names and seeing what the most popular baby names are each year. I'm happy to report that the classics are making a comeback! At the same time, we're also seeing a lot of gender neutral baby names - so many that we added a separate list!

Check out the lists below. Did your favorite make the list? If you're having a baby this year, do these results change your thinking?

Most Popular Boy Names

  1. Charles/Charlie
  2. Benjamin/Ben
  3. Alexander/Alex
  4. William/Will
  5. Jack
  6. Henry
  7. Max
  8. Noah
  9. Samuel/Sam
  10. Owen
  11. Ryan
  12. James
  13. Thomas/Tommy
  14. Luke
  15. Oliver
  16. Jackson
  17. Liam
  18. Dylan
  19. Leo
  20. Mason
  21. Logan
  22. Jonah
  23. Hudson
  24. Chase
  25. Lucas
  26. Matthew
  27. Nolan
  28. Caleb
  29. Jacob
  30. Tyler
  31. Nathan
  32. Parker
  33. Quinn
  34. Colin
  35. Hunter
  36. Graham
  37. Ethan
  38. Landon
  39. Andrew
  40. Teddy
  41. Carter
  42. Levi
  43. Harrison
  44. John
  45. Grayson
  46. Joshua
  47. Connor
  48. Cooper
  49. Thomas
  50. Michael

Most Popular Girl Names

  1. Olivia
  2. Charlotte
  3. Caroline
  4. Emma
  5. Ella
  6. Lily/Lilly
  7. Isabel
  8. Avery
  9. Ellie
  10. Lucy
  11. Grace
  12. Dylan
  13. Sophia
  14. Madison
  15. Logan
  16. Harper
  17. Ava
  18. Kate
  19. Emily
  20. Nora
  21. Piper
  22. Maggie
  23. Elizabeth
  24. Parker
  25. Quinn
  26. Claire
  27. Brooke
  28. Maya
  29. Mia
  30. Molly
  31. Anna
  32. Annabelle
  33. Julia
  34. Hanna
  35. Amelia
  36. Audrey
  37. Mila
  38. Riley
  39. Eleanor
  40. Eloise
  41. Blake
  42. Addison
  43. Stella
  44. Scarlett
  45. Vivian
  46. Reese
  47. Alexandra
  48. Emerson
  49. Chloe
  50. Evie

Most Popular Gender Neutral Names

  1. Dylan
  2. Logan
  3. Hudson
  4. Parker
  5. Quinn
  6. Riley
  7. Austin
  8. Blake
  9. Sawyer
  10. Emerson

Our Five Favorite Gifts To Keep Kids Creative in the Cold

January 20, 2014 13:37

Here in the Midwest, we've had our coldest, snowiest winter in memory, which means a lot of indoor time with the kids - especially on unexpected snow days! Here are our top five gifts to keep kids entertained while trapped inside for the day.

Our Blue Planet Puzzle by Janod

This adorable puzzle comes in a cute box and is two sided - for double the fun! Keep the kids entertained for hours with a geography lesson disguised as play!


Design Your Own Superhero Cape

Our Superhero Cape Kit comes complete with everything you need to make an adorable personalized superhero cape. Your little one will love wearing it even more than creating it!


Personalized Crayon Apron

For the budding artist, personalize an apron that can hold their crayons, paint brushes and more! 


Design Your Own Princess Crown

All hail the queen! Our adorable design-your-own princess crown will keep your princess entertained for hours. Includes glitter glue, felt butterflies and crown jewels, of course!


Color the Earth Globe Ball Kit

The world is theirs with our Color the Earth globe kit. Blow up our beach-ball sized globe, then color in states and countries on t-shirt material cotton for a world that is unlike any other. A wonderful gift for little ones with family near and far.

Introducing Classic Wooden Toys from Janod

September 24, 2013 13:55

There are some lines that I always thought were adorable but didn't consider adding to Makaboo's lineup until I had a child myself. When my son was born, someone gave us a beautifully-crafted wooden alphabet puzzle by Janod, and as soon as Walt could move, he was mesmerized by the chunky pieces and heft of each letter. The design was so charming and classic, I knew they would be a hit with our customers.


So, I'm excited to announce that we now have a wonderul selection of Janod wooden toys, wooden blocks, wooden puzzles and wooden push toys that will thrill one child after another, one generation after another. 


I mean, what household should be without its own mini Vespa balance bike for toddlers?


Janod Personalized Scooter

Personalized Wooden Rocking Horse

Personalized Dolls Pram

Wooden Activity Box

Wooden Let's Go Fishing Game

Wooden Numbers Puzzle

Wooden Alphabet Puzzle

Barnyard Baby Train Pull Toy

Wooden Shape Sorter

His Royal Highness!

July 24, 2013 10:13

My excitement about the royal baby's arrival is extreme. This happens once in a generation and Will and Kate seem the epitomy of grace and love. Hurrah! I will say I was 100% certain it was a girl. So I'm going to refrain from making predictions on the name.

That Little Story in the Wall Street Journal

June 21, 2013 16:09

So, Makaboo was in the Wall Street Journal. The Off Duty section. The cover actually. No big deal.


In seriousness, it was a HUGE honor to be included in the Journal's "Best in Shower" story about the ever-illusive perfect baby gift. And it was very fun to learn who of my friends reads the Journal - there were some surprises!

Check out the online version or see the print version below!


Makaboo WSJ Online Article - 6-1-13.pdf (1.68 mb)

Walt the Incredible Sleeping Baby

June 21, 2013 13:41

Many of my earliest childhood memories involve being at a restaurant, a party, or even the dinner table, listening to my parents and siblings (who are 9 and 12 years older than me) and begging, repeatedly:

"Will somebody PLEASE put me to BED?!?!?"

I was never the child who wanted to stay up for one more story.

So it came as no surprise when, while snuggling with Walt over a good pre-bed book, he looked up at me, smiled and said "Nite nite".

I gladly claim full responsibility but only as it relates to my genetics, not my parenting skills. I try not to talk about his sleep habits with other parents simply because I know how good we have it. At 15 months, he still sleeps 15-17 hours a day, and "putting him to bed" in our household means placing him in his crib, turning the light out and waving goodnight.

This also means that he has never slept in our bed. Literally. The notion of him sleeping in our bed is about as preposterous as the notion of him sleeping in the third ring of a circus. To him, our bed is where  the action happens. His thoughts seem to be: "Sleep?! HERE?!?! But you guys are here!"

I know we have it good. Too good. So I relish every 8-hour night of sleep I get and fully expect that some day it will change. For now, I just want Walt (and the universe that delivered me this incredible little being), to know that I could not be more grateful that he inherited my sleeping genes!


Here's to the Amazing Ones...

May 10, 2013 20:36

We made this video a year ago, when I was basking in the bliss/chaos of having a seven-week-old.

Still makes me smile.


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