I went to a fantastic talk by Jimmy John's founder Jimmy Liautaud yesterday and was so jazzed by his enthusiasm and commitment to his brand that I had to share some of his insights. I'm a HUGE Jimmy John's fan: I order from them online twice a week on average, and I love that they'll deliver me a fairly healthy, totally delicious meal within minutes. Genius!

My two favorite takeaways (of many) were:

On whether they'll branch out into other restaurant concepts, he relayed a story about fishing with his grandfather and coming upon a really good hole where they were catching one after another. When 9-year-old Jimmy suggested moving on to another spot, his grandfather said "Jimmy, never leave fish for fish." I try to remind myself of this alot: once you know what you're good at, then just keep being good at it!

On how he's grown such a phenomenally profitable company, Jimmy reflected on how they've continued to stay lean despite their meteoric growth, joking (but I think seriously) "We don't buy pens. Why should we buy pens when you can pick one up every time you go to the bank?" I happened to be using a bank pen to take notes. (Carrollton Bank has *the best pens ever*. My banker Lvav knows my passion for their pens and gives me a bunch every time I'm there.)

So, Jimmy, thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to keep fishing in the same spot! And Carrollton, thanks for the pens!