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We Made the A-List

July 11, 2011 15:36

We're very excited to be on this year's A-List! A big thanks Saint Louis Magazine and its editors for naming Makaboo Personalized Gifts best local online retailer! We will be partying down at the big event this Thursday! Visit and make some A-List personalized baby gifts for all the special little ones in your life.

Makaboo is St. Louis Magazine's Pick for Top Online Retailer

8 Hilarious Mini Makabooers Stop By Show Me St. Louis

July 11, 2011 15:20

Makaboo stopped by Show Me St. Louis on Friday for a personalized toddler fashion show and I think it was our most hilarious live TV outing yet. Note 2.5-yr-old Max B. smacking his belly with panache, 3-yr-old Maren bunny-hopping her way into the spotlight, and 5-yr-old Max P. making faces at himself in the monitor. They'll have us back in no time, right?!?

Our Elephant Gets a Name - Pickles!

July 11, 2011 14:29

Last summer we asked our Facebook fans to name our Monkey, and we picked our favorite of the many entries we received. Ever since then, Milton the Monkey's been a little big in his britches for being our only icon with a proper name. So this summer we turned to our Facebook fans again and asked them to name our Elephant!

We got more than 60 entries in just 3 days, and posted our 10 favorites for Facebook fans to vote:












Fans quickly gravitated to two names - Peanut and Pickles - and it was a nailbiter to the very end! When the polls closed at 4pm CST on Friday, Pickles was the winner by fewer than 5 votes. I have to admit that I had been rooting for Pickles since the beginning because of its origins - Jennifer Banks Harris submitted it "because that's what all the pregnant women perusing your site are craving!"

So, meet Pickles!!


Makaboo Elephant Icon: Pickles


You Know Your Nephews Really Love You...

July 6, 2011 15:48

You know your 7-year-old nephews must really love you when they're willing to wear shirts with their names on them even when they don't think monogrammed things are cool anymore. Now that's taking one for the team! Which is an especially appropriate analogy in this case since they'd be wearing Yankees jerseys if they had their way.

I don't get to see my adorable Rye, NY-based twin nephews Nate and Elliot very often. We try to find some time when I'm in NYC for trade shows, but the place where we always have QT together is over the summer in Charlevoix, Michigan, where my parents have a cottage. I've been going to Charlevoix since I was two, and it's so much fun to see my 5 Teasdale nieces and nephews cavorting on the same beach where my friends and I did 30 years ago.

This photo was from a big July 4th picnic, and Elliot was kind enough to say, when I told him I appreciated him providing some free Makaboo advertising, that his hoodie was very comfortable. What manners!

Nate and Elliot's mom Caroline reported that she was especially pleased with the hoodies, as no one had to ask which twin was which!




Nate and Elliot Celebrating July 4th

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