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I've Been Lying. We've Shipped to 44 States.

July 23, 2010 20:50

For a couple of months I've been saying we've shipped to all 50 states but I was using the term more as an easy way to explain our reach to folks new to Makaboo.

So tonight (you'd think I'd have something better to do at 8:52 on a Friday night) I actually counted, and it's only 44.

So if you know someone in:

Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Utah or West Virginia

Send them a Makaboo, wouldja?!?

We Made I Feel I Can Retire Now.

July 16, 2010 14:46

This morning I got a slew of emails and texts/Facebook from friends who apparently read more religiously than I do. Makaboo was the top story under the Moms & Babies masthead - the word Makaboo was actually on's homepage!

I know, I'm supposed to act totally cool as a cucumber about this.

So, I will be cool. Whatever. It's no big deal. I did not take screen caps of it or anything. That would be so lame.



Makaboo on


Kissy Kissy Personalized Bib featured on

See it for yourself here:

I Have 23 Nieces and Nephews

July 14, 2010 19:42

It's true. 23.

Only 6 of them are boys. And only 3 of them are over the age of 7.

In other words, we have a whole lot of girls goin' on.

We have a Finley Rose and a Flannery Rose. We have two Avas and two sets of twins.

Some day I'm going to have to get all of them to come to the shop for a group photo.

Until then, you'll have to see them on their own on the site. Right now there are only two kids on the site who are not related to me. That's going to change in the next few weeks, but there will still be plenty of Teasdales and McGowans on Makaboo, believe you me! There's nothing like free labor. ;-)

My Favorite Lovie: Hoot Hoot the Passion Rug III

July 9, 2010 17:37

One of my close friends Elise lives 2 blocks from the Makaboo shop, and she and her pups, Jack and Bootsie, often make Makaboo a stop on their neighborhood walks. (I have a major puppy crush on Jack and Boots. I like to think it's mutual.)

From the beginning, Elise has been one of our very best customers, and that was before she gave birth to her son Drew last winter.

Elise's hubby Dan has quite a sense of humor and as soon as they learned that the baby was a boy, he began referring to the unborn child as "The Senator". I thought an Owl Lovie fit perfectly with the scholarly nickname, and gave them one embroidered with "The Senator's Lovie" before Drew arrived.

Drew took to the Owl almost immediately. Unfortunately, so did Bootsie.

At some point before Boots got her paws on the first owl's ears, Dan and Elise had an exchange that went something like this:

"What are these things called? Passion rugs?"

No Dan, they are not called passion rugs and I never, ever, want to hear those words come out of your mouth again."

And so, of course, Passion Rug stuck.

We embroidered the second owl "Hoot Hoot", which I found both appropriate and cute, even if it was colloquially referred to as Hoot Hoot the Passion Rug at home.

Then Bootsie struck again. I told Elise Boots was just expressing her loyalty. Then I said Boots was contractually obligated to obliterate a lovie every 3 weeks until Drew turns seven.

The third lovie has been my favorite thing we've ever embroidered. It's the third picture below.

Elise, thanks for being a great customer and an even better friend.

Boots, come pick up your paycheck anytime.


Angel Dear Brown Lovie

Hoot Hoot I


Baby with Angel Dear Owl Lovie

Hoot Hoot II


Personalized Angel Dear Owl Lovie

Hoot Hoot III

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