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Ria Sharon and My Mommy Manual Are Neat

April 29, 2010 14:20

Just had a great lunch with - ahem let's see if I can hide my twignorance - @RiaSharon, of My Mommy Manual and boy did she get my creative juices flowing! I forgot to bring my notebook and filled up the back of my receipt with ideas. I considered asking our waittress for a blank ticket.

I continue to be amazed by how many incredibly bright, talented female entrepreneurs and social media gurus there are in this town. It's exciting to think of all of the collaborative opportunities! St. Louis is lucky to have us!

We Heart Happy Customers

April 15, 2010 18:39

We got the nicest email from a customer this morning and it made us smile so big we had to blog about it.

The back story: we spelled a name wrong on a blanket. It was our first embroidery error EVER - we've sewn more than a thousand items perfectly, and we've been so impressed with our embroidery team for their perfect track record. Until a few weeks ago, when we managed to drop the last letter off of a very beautiful baby girl's name! (And let me say I'm still extremely impressed with their 99.999% track record!)

When the proud mother got her gift in the mail she immediately contacted us, and we got a new and improved (i.e. spell-checked!) blanket out to her the same day.

Today we heard back from her. I'll let her kind words speak for themselves.

Thanks again for shipping us a new blanket.  It looks great. 
Just wanted to also say how impressed I am by your customer service.  It is really excellent!  You have a good thing going here, and I hope your business does really well because you are off to a great start.

Thanks again,


We thank YOU Patty! The most valuable thing we can have as a company is happy customers.

Happy Makabooing everyone!

Makaboo Has 650 Facebook Fans!

April 14, 2010 17:22

Makaboo has gained 100 Facebook fans in the last 30 hours! We're very excited that so many people are helping us spread the word!

Makaboo Gets A Shout Out from AOL & DIY's Regina Lewis

April 10, 2010 10:15

Makaboo's made a fan out of Regina Lewis, AOL Consumer Advisor and host of DIY's Tech Out My House! She agrees with us that our Angel Dear Personalized Hoodies are THE gift to give! Thanks so much Regina!

Mongrammed Toddler Fleece from Makaboo

Friday, April 9, 2010

The sister-in-law of a dear friend of mine started this new site for personalized baby and toddler items .... makaboo. One of my new favorite baby gifts to give is this extra comfy monogrammed fleece ... there are lots of great color combinations.


Marvelous Personalized Multiples Gifts

April 9, 2010 17:27

I have to toot our own horn a bit about how many adorable sets we've been sending out for twins and even triplets!

My all-time favorite personalized gifts for multiples are our personalized Angel Dear Hoodies. Here's a photo (pardon the iPhone shot!) of a set we just sent out to Emma, Jack and Grace!

Angel Dear Monogrammed Hoodie Jacksts

World's Cutest Baby Gift Under $20: Creative Containers Hanging Pillows

April 7, 2010 17:22

We couldn't help but post this gift we sent out today - a personalized Creative Containers Hanging Pillow. Such a cute and practical way to welcome a new baby to the world. You can also skip the name for a darling baby shower gift! Best of all, it's only $19.99

Angel Dear Lovies, Blankets and Pillow: Buy Three Get One Free!

April 2, 2010 14:28

Right now we're offering a great deal for Angel Dear fans! Buy three lovies, napping blankets or pillow pals and get one free! It's a perfect time to stock up on multiples of the one your little one can't do without, or catch up on all of those gifts on your list!

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