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Great Customer Service Makes for Great Customers

October 26, 2009 15:18

I’ve had two great customer service experiences in the last twenty four hours, and it’s reinforced how critical it is to treat your customers with care and respect.

The first was with My dad’s 75th birthday is next weekend and we’ve been racking our brains trying to dream up the perfect gift. He’s a pretty big oenophile and a pretty big Francophile, and I just finished The Billionaire’s Vinegar, which has me all excited about old wines – as long as they’re real.

I found a bottle of 1934 Chateau d’Yquem (the year of dad’s birth) on at a great price, but of course wanted to know everything about the bottle: What’s the provenance? Is that color typical? Can you see the vintage and chateau on the label? I sent a long list of questions to their customer service address, and crossed my fingers.

24 hours later I received a personalized, detailed response to every single question posited. I was so impressed with the thorough, first-person response that I immediately wrote back and thanked them! And they wrote right back again, stating:

Thank you so much for the kind words!  Though the product we deal with is very detailed and laborious, it is our mission to alleviate as much concern as possible associated with our buyers to ensure consumer confidence.  Most of our clients (both buyers and sellers) are repeat customers and we aim to service them the best we can.

If at any time you have questions regarding any lot in our auctions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Well, this made me WANT to buy a nice bottle of wine from Which I did! I won the auction for the Yquem yesterday (yippee!), and called this morning to ask that they ship as soon as possible to make sure it’s here in plenty of time for the birthday party. The customer service rep. looked at the weather, talked about how she wanted it to ship in plenty of time for the sediment to settle in time for the big day (which never would have occurred to me!), and then said “OK, it’s shipping today!”.

I will tell everyone I know who loves wine that is the place to go, and I will absolutely be bidding there again.

 But, as much as I wish I was, I’m not bidding on 75-year-old bottles of wine all that often, so I’ll only appreciate’s customer service once in a blue moon. What am I doing every day, or at least every week? Buying shipping supplies from ULINE!

Today I placed a large order for 3 different box sizes, and shortly after realized I’d ordered too few. I placed a second order but my account page didn’t update, and I didn’t receive an order confirmation. About 10 minutes went by (I’m one impatient cookie) and then my phone rang – it was a rep from ULINE calling to confirm that the order wasn’t a duplicate I’d placed by mistake. Now, ULINE has thousands – maybe tens of thousands – of orders a day. And yet they’ve created a system to flag questionable orders *and* allow a human being to follow up with them within minutes!

And I’m just a small potatoes customer today. But you never know what I’ll be tomorrow.

So, kudos to and ULINE for making a loyal customer out of me! I hope to do the same, and I want to hear from my customers on how you think we’re doing here at Makaboo!


Yes We're Still Here! Now We're Coming in November

October 19, 2009 08:39

It's been a crazy month! Had a wonderful trip to San Francisco to catch up with old Snapfish friends and attend a gorgeous wedding in Napa. Then chaired a fundraiser last week for St. Louis ArtWorks. And there's that silly day job that keeps getting in the way.

I'm very sad to say that today we're going to change the "Due in September" message to "Due in November". I appreciate everyone's patience! And thank goodness for friends and family orders and walk-ins! We're basically covering our operating costs while we ramp up to go live. It's all exciting! And sometimes a bit overwhelming.

More to come!

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