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You Burp Up On It, You Buy It

September 18, 2009 15:10

I had my first "you burp up on it, you buy it" experience this week with my friend Catina Callahan O'Leary and her darling little one Evan! I'm pretty sure they were going to get the hoodie anyway, but it's always fun to have that kind of seal of approval.

Having a store-front has taken this business in such an unexpected direction. I chose high-end, well-respected manufacturers like Kissy Kissy and Angel Dear precisely because my online customers won't be able to see and touch the product in three-dimensions. But for those who do come in to our shop in St. Louis, they almost always say they bought more than they were expecting to and would online. Perhaps there's a Makaboo Pacific Heights and a Makaboo Rye in my future!

I'd Better Figure Out How to Spell Entrepreneur Now That I Am One

September 11, 2009 12:15

On Monday I'm speaking at an entrepreneurship class at St. Louis University, taught by fellow entrepreneur Tim Hayden, who I met on Twitter! I also think I'll be speaking later in the fall to a class at my alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis. And possibly at a WASHU Women's Society function as well. All of this is further evidence that I really need to learn how to spell the word entrepreneur. Doesn't it seem like the E and the U should be reversed? "En-tra-pre-nu-er". Right??? No wonder I keep getting it wrong.

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