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Who Says Twitter’s Not Useful? (Ooops – I Did!)

June 24, 2009 18:18

OK, I stand absolutely corrected on Twitter; about 6 weeks ago I wrote a blog entry about what Twitter can really do for small companies like Makaboo.

Since then:

- I’ve met with @timhayden, a Saint Louis University professor about speaking to his entrepreneurship class this fall.
- I’ve been followed by fantastic mom bloggers like @creativemoms and @mommylovesit, who are excited to test out the Makaboo site and tout it if they like what they see.
- I’ve connected with phenomenal women business owners like @JeanetteMcLeod who have more great marketing ideas than I can squeeze into this blog of mine, much less dream up on my own.
- I’ve been followed by local and national media contacts, some of whom are already asking about when they can start covering the site.

My favorite connection so far is the ab fab @jackrabbitbags, who is not only the designer of some of the most gorgeous bags I’ve ever seen but has also been a bastion of great info on getting product into the hands of celebs, placing the right coverage at the right time, and having fun while building your biz. AND now I have a handbag in; could a girl ask for more?

Twitter: I thank you, I salute you, and I understand why I can’t live without you.

You can follow me @cindyteasdale (still working on the @makaboo squatter issue; I didn’t say Twitter was perfect).

Lovies and Blankets and Burp Cloths, Oh My!

June 16, 2009 21:24

We've been busy completing some orders for friends and family while also getting the site up and running. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come; these are a few gifts we created over the weekend.

I think the Angel Dear Pillow Pals will be HUGE sellers. We had my nieces down to the shop for Mothers Day and they both chose their own Pillows (for Ava, a bunny; for Kate, a frog) as well as thread colors and fonts, and have been sleeping with them ever since!

On view here are also a Swaddle Designs Stroller Blanket, and two sets of Swaddle Designs Baby Burpies featuring two of our exclusive, Makaboo Original Icons.

Please excuse that the photos were taken around the at-the-time messy shop with my iPhone!

Angel Dear Puppy Pillow Pal

SwaddleDesigns Baby Blanket Personalized     SwaddleDesigns Baby Blanket Personalized

SwaddleDesigns Satin Trimed Baby Blanket Personalized

Makaboo In iPhone Photos

June 5, 2009 10:40

One of the biggest surprises in the Makaboo adventure has been our decision to bring the embroidery production in-house. While I know a lot about building web sites and fun Flex applications, I know very little about embroidery machines and software. It's been a huge but exciting learning curve.

When we decided to bring the embroidery in-house, we realized that we needed to build out a space for a production shop (versus shipping directly to a fulfillment provider). It just so happened that my husband Bill was looking for a renter for a small ground-floor space in St. Louis' Washington Avenue Loft District. The next thing I knew, I was the proud tenant of a 500-square-foot storefont at 609 N. 13th Street, 63103.

Bill has been supportive of Makaboo from the beginning, but, to be perfectly honest, neither of us knew entirely what we were getting ourselves into. Since building out a space was not in my budget to begin with, we had to do everything ourselves.

And by we, I mean Bill.

Bill did everything from overnight trips to IKEA to priming and painting, and from installing the tricky flooring to building custom splash-boards for the cabinetry (I bet you $100 he will tell me that's not what they're called). One day he showed up with planters and mandevillias (I think) for the front door. He made the space so adorable, and he worked so incredibly hard. All because he loves me and supports me.

So, this post is for him. Dawn Shields, our fantastic lifestyle photograher, is coming in later this month to do some press shots, but until then, these iPhone photos will have to suffice!

Bill, you are the most incredible man and I thank the universe every day for allowing me to be your wife. Thank you for everything you do for me, and for Makaboo!








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